September 8, 2008

We survived week one!

Whew! Our first week is over and we made it!! After all the stressing and struggling to setup a schedule, refine our book list, and then get our materials together...we did it...we created our Y10 program and have jumped in.

We still have one missing book, namely Apologia Chemistry. I had to make some last minute changes (due to financial concerns) and wasn't able to purchase this book in time for our start last week. I used my old college Chemistry text (which I hated when I took the course) to get us over the initially couple of weeks. DH has given the green light for getting the CD version, so hopefully I can place that order this week. DS was really looking forward to Chemistry and I feel this is the one area we (meaning Mom and Dad) can't skimp on.

So far, though, the rest of our books and courses have clicked and are working out well.


DS is really enjoying reading Ussher's Annals of the World (online via Google Books) and listening to Max McLean read the KJV Bible on audio (through He is also reading through the Old Testament in chronological order and is finding this study very interesting.


We just started MEP GCSE yesterday (printer was down). DS likes this program and much of the first couple units are review. I think he will find it challenging as we get more into Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.


DS has read the first part of How to Read a Book this week and says it is "interesting." This is far better than when we tried to read this book in 8th grade -- then it was just "what?" Definitely worth waiting and big plus this year. In week 5, we will transition over to our Formal Logic study, which DS is really looking forward to starting.

Humanities - Ancient Civilizations

I was a bit worried about this year and whether or not DS could handle reading all these works. I am also doing something different this year. I am no longer giving him a daily "to do" list and am instead asking him to manage his own time. He was a bit hesitant at first, but after last week, told me that he really likes being able to read on his own (as much or as little). He has shown some maturity and I think he will do just fine.

Last week, he read The Epic of Gilgamesh and really enjoyed it. I picked up Streams of Civilization, Vol. 1 at our local Half Price books on Sunday and have since scheduled it in. I really wasn't going to use a text, but when I spotted it for $6, I thought it was a nice addition to our study. It will just give some context to our readings and will also fill in the gaps as we read through history using primary and secondary sources. DS also started Old Pagan Civilizations by John Lord, esq. (Beacon Lights of History) and is reading about Classical Greek Mythology. This will prep him for next week when he starts Herodotus and The Iliad.

Overall, our week went very well and DS seemed more interested and engaged in his study. He seems to enjoy the books and is actually interacting with them, far more than he did previously. I am sure it has to do with maturity and being 15 (compared to 12 or 13). There is something to be said about maturity and mental development. You just cannot rush these things and they seem to blossom when they blossom.

On to week 2...

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