November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I was over at Walmart yesterday and noticed that the store manager went from Halloween displays straight into Christmas trees and lights. There was no hint or mention of Thanksgiving. It seems that Thanksgiving is something we all can miss -- don't forget the turkey on the way out -- but it really isn't that special, it is rather a boring holiday.

Not to me. Thanksgiving celebration is a time when families get together and enjoy fellowshipping with one another. It is an old fashioned holiday (like Christmas used to be) and reminds me of my childhood. We always looked forward to Thanksgiving. We made pilgrims in school, turkey handprints, and enjoyed those two days off school (a pre-holiday to get us excited about Christmas!) It was a happy time for me -- lots of good food, my Mom making dinner early in the morning, my Dad watching football on our brand new color TV (a big wooden box that Mom proudly decorated with festive candles).

It is a shame that commercialism decides what holiday's to keep in and which ones to let out. Thanksgiving is one that needs to be kept in and to be celebrated, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. I found this lovely painting online and thought I would post it here. It reminds me of what Thanksgiving should be all about -- thanking God for His providential blessings and mercy and grace upon our nation, our families, and our homes. No matter what trial we face, the pilgrims that gave thanks that first holiday, faced much more than we could ever imagine (death, famine, disease, harsh cold, just to name a few). They gave God thanks out of their simple reliance upon Him. He was the center of their hope and the recollection of His grace and mercy were never far from their lips.

God is so very good and His mercy and grace endure forever! Let us not forget to thank Him this year and remember just how much His providential care is needed in our own lives.


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your right, we must be grateful everyday! God has given us far more than we deserve, which is truthfully, Hell. Thanks for the post! See? more thanks ;) LOL! :)