December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are spending this Christmas with my parents and parents-in-law. Christmas Eve will be spent with DH's parents and Christmas day with mine. My father had minor surgery yesterday and is out of commission for the festivities tonight (dinner and Church). We are hoping he will feel better tomorrow -- considering that I am making dinner (at my parents house).

Christmas at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix
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This has been a really nice Christmas month. Normally, I find myself rushed and not in the mood to enjoy the lights, the music, and the gift giving. This year, however, it has been OK so far. Well, except for a slight mishap while hanging some lights (I slipped and put my hand through our front window -- no damage to me other than being scared by the crash -- but our window didn't survive!) I determined not to hang any more lights up after our $250.00 unexpected "Christmas House Present!" My son was not pleased. We always participate in our street's yearly house lighting stint. From the corner of our street, all the way up to the next block, every house has outdoor lights on. It is a big deal here in Phoenix, where we decorate our cacti and other desert plants. We seem to love Christmas lights in the desert -- I guess it takes the place of winter snow!

The real disappointment for this season was not getting to hear/see my son's Chamber group perform at our local mall. My son's teacher had to leave town to help care for a ill family member and the performances were cancelled. Somehow it just wasn't the same without the mall performance (though we are grateful that our beloved teacher is back home and all turned out well!)

I guess I would say that I am looking forward to 2009 right now. 2008 has been an OK year for us. After our very scary 2007, with DH being ill and all, this year has been rather low-key. Nothing has really happened, one way or another. It has been a steady year for business, a good year for home schooling, and a good year family-wise (no illness, no deaths, etc.) I am looking towards a new year, filled with hope and prosperity and plenty of God's goodness and graciousness.

May the Lord richly bless you this Christmas season and may He give you a successful New Year in which your thoughts, your time and your talents, turn heavenward to give Him the glory.

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