December 6, 2008

School Update

WOW! It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. This is my favorite time of year (also the time when I get the most depressed -- I love the season, but find myself sad a lot of the month). We have started to get ready for the holiday and have put up the tree and added lights to our house. Last evening, I was hanging lights in our front window when I fell and my hand hit the glass and shattered the entire pane. I wasn't hurt, more scared at the thunder of the glass crashing around me. We put up a temporary cover (cardboard) and will have to have the glass man out today to repair that window pane. UGH! So much for embellishing our holiday decorations. I told my son that I had enough and that there would be no more lights this year! Sigh!! DH said that maybe in a day or two, I would feel differently....well...we will see!

School is going well. We have just finished term 1 and so far so good. We are back to Ambleside Online, at least for our support system. I hope to use it again next year when we cover American History.

Some awards/achievements/announcements:

  • DS passed his Ham Radio General Class License exam in November. This was a HUGE achievement as the exam and prep class were very, very hard (some Calculus). The exam is one where you have to pass a minimum number of questions, rather than one where the best score counts. He passed and he is so pleased! He is now deciding whether or not to keep his current call sign or register for a vanity one.
  • Two holiday performances are on tap: December 20, DS performs along with Chamber members at the Arizona VA Hospital Nursing Home; December 21st, DS performs @ 4:00 p.m. along with Chamber at the Paradise Valley Mall (Tatum/Cactus Blvds)
  • DS saved his money and has recently purchased a Canon ZR-950 video camera. He is making movies and recording everything that happens around the house (even the window breaking event from last evening -- a reminder to him -- help your Mom FIRST before recording the story!!)
Well...sending you many wishes for a blessed Christmas season!


Tim's Mom said...

"We are back to Ambleside Online, at least for our support system."

OK, that explains the post I was pleasantly surprised to see from you on the list.

I love your new avatar!

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