January 5, 2009

Y10 Spring Semester

School is back in session for us. We had a wonderful break (2 weeks off) and are ready to get back to our studies. Our school has gone very well so far this year. DS seems content to study more and more on his own, and I am finally relaxing enough to let him do it. Nothing earth shattering to report ~ just plugging away at our Ancient History study and trying to keep on target for finishing both Geometry and Chemistry on time this year.


DonnaB said...

Will you ever post your schedule/assignments for Term 1 or did I miss it somewhere? Do you use anything to help with the Great Books discussions and choosing topics for the essays?

My dd will be 9th grade in the fall and I feel like I should already have everything planned! I have been mixing HEO/TWTM/LCC2. What did you end up doing for 9th grade after dumping ABeka?

I like your plans for Y10! Thank you for sharing.

Carol Hepburn said...

I have some of my schedule online here:


It is not in a PDF document, however. I do have this on my computer and will spiff it up and post it online.

After we switched from A Beka, I created a two term study of Victorian history/literature (ala CM). It is online here:


We enjoyed this study :o). My Y10 plan is a bit more reading, less CMish. It has not been as enjoyable as last year -- I think we missed the Nature study, etc.

As far as topics/discussions go, I did use some resources from online. For my great books reading group, I go out and search for college webpages that offer study/discussion questions. I will google on "Iliad discovery questions" or "Iliad study questions," etc. Usually, you can find several sites that will have either test questions or book review questions. I scan them and pull out the ones that deal directly with the text (versus ones where the teacher may have lectured on other materials). Sometimes I use these for exams and other times I just use them to guide our discussion. Some of the questions are too hard -- require too much critical thinking. Almost always you can find one or two that are good for a writing assignment.

I also use Sparknotes.com. I like this site, it is free, and it offers excellent reviews of the text. I use this for myself and have read the chapter notes to keep myself up with the book (so I don't have to read along). I also use the supporting pages -- character analysis, etc. to help set up each book. I have my son read these pages during the first few weeks of the book. It helps A LOT! I have also had him take the online test as an exam -- they are hard and require the student to really pay attention to the text.

Other than these resources, I often will just ask leading questions (a la CM) -- tell me what you thought of this chapter...how did the character behave...do you agree/disagree. I try and ask opinion questions to help my son think and formulate his own ideas about the work. There is no right/wrong -- it is much easier than trying to do a critical analysis of the text. Also, it opens up opportunities for you to discuss moral themes. If my son mentions something ethical -- we go with it.

HTH and thanks for your comments!

DonnaB said...

Thank you so much Carol!