February 20, 2009

The Fingerprints of God

by Kathleen Higham

I see fingerprints on my window
And smudgy kisses on the door
And I press my hand to touch them
As I've done so many times before

And all through my house a presence
To me it is so dear
With little fingerprints left behind
Along with laughter I still hear

For everywhere that they have touched
And left a telltale sign
Again I place my fingers there
Then In my heart I whisper they are mine

And in that moment of love so pure
God's fingerprints are revealed
Permanently on my heart and soul
With Him my life is sealed

To God we must be as a child
Our fingerprints are His design
As we read and study His Word
Then He whispers you are mine

And reluctantly I wash away
Signs of love that said so much
Sparkling windows looking back at me
I remember their innocent touch

But they will come again to me
Leaving fingerprints on my heart
As I read His Word the gift of love
Where my fingerprints came from the start

And I am so so thankful
Could I possibly ask for more
Little fingerprints on my window
Smudgy kisses on my door

I found this poem online today while searching for some inspiration for this post. I like it and think it expresses a desire within my heart to comprehend the depth of God's love and realize that my life is touched by His fingerprints.

This past week, I saw the hand of God upon my life. When I looked a little deeper, I actually began to see His fingerprints, His gentle touch, and His careful hand guiding my life and keeping me safe.

My DH suffered a hemorhagic stroke on Monday. This type of stroke often comes on as a result of hypertension (high blood pressure). My husband came home Monday afternoon and staggered into the bedroom. I thought the noise I heard was my son, fumbling around in my closet for something. When I went to check it out, I found my dear husband trying desparately to get himself dressed. He had taken off his work clothes and was trying to put on some shorts and a teeshirt. He couldn't do it and when I asked what was going on, he mumbled something back to me. At first, I didn't think it was a stroke. I thought maybe he was dizzy or light headed, but shortly I realized that something was very wrong. He tried to walk down the hall and staggered and stumbled into the kitchen. When I asked him again what was wrong, I noticed that his mouth was droopy and his words slurred. I knew it was a stroke.

I got him into the car and drove him the 1 mile to our local hospital. He was taken right in and treated as quickly as possible. The staff took a CT scan, determined it was a brain bleed and not a clot, and sent him by ambulance to St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix (and the Barrows Neurological Institute). The hand of God was upon his life. The staff said he would go to Mayo Clinic, also a stroke center, but at the last minute they sent him to Barrows. At Barrows he was evaluated by a team of doctors and kept in ICU for three days. He was moved to a regular room and released yesterday -- with no restrictions. He has almost completely recovered and has just some slight side effects from the stroke (some paralysis in his leg, some struggles with words, and some focusing issues). If you didn't know him before, you wouldn't notice anything at all.

As I spent this past week contemplating my life and how it would change once my husband came home...the thought struck me: my life is in His hand. I began to think about all the events in my life and especially the days that led up to this event. I can recall how much God has touched my life. He has guided and directed me; He has given me His peace and comfort. He has shown me a path, a way out of our situation (job, home, plans, etc.) God has made something frightening and overwhelming into something possible and filled with new potential.

It makes me wonder just how often God presses His hand into our lives. If we really look, really look carefully...we can see the impression of His hand upon our frame. From the moment we are formed in the womb until the very day our last breath is taken...we are touched by His love.

God truly is the One, the True, the Only God. He reigns Supreme and He alone is in control.

I am praising Him today because he has given my husband back to me -- a little slower maybe -- but still here and part of our life. I am thanking Him for His protection and provision of medical care and for His grace and mercy on our lives. God is so good. His mercy endures. His love is forever.


Jeanne said...

Hi Carol,

I came here hoping for an update on your dear husband. I am so glad that you've posted so that we can pray more specifically.

You are so strong, and I admire you greatly. May you continue to put your faith and trust in your own personal God. He is good, and he will continue to protect both you and your husband in this trying time.

Much love to you


Carol Hepburn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for your sweet post. My husband is doing well, considering the trauma he suffered as a result of the brain bleeding. He has made a miraculous recovery and we are thanking God for His care and mercy.

Carol Hepburn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for your sweet post. My husband is doing well, considering the trauma he suffered as a result of the brain bleeding. He has made a miraculous recovery and we are thanking God for His care and mercy.