February 23, 2009

Life after Stroke

Quick update....

Last Monday, my dear husband suffered a brain bleed. This was caused by uncontrolled hypertension and resulted in a small bleed to the right hemisphere of his brain. He is doing fabulously well, though we are still trying to get his medication correct (again!)

A year and half ago, my DH suffered a heart attack. He underwent angioplasty to remove a blockage and struggled with managing his blood pressure since that time. His hypertension is genetic -- there is no reason for him to have such high blood pressure. His heart is strong and working fine -- but his bp raises to dangerous levels and just doesn't want to come back down.

We were blessed to get him to the hospital right away and then to have the staff recognize the scope of his injury and refer him to Barrow's Neurological Institute in Phoenix. The staff at St. Joseph's hospital were awesome and my DH was able to come home on Thursday.

Since then, his bp has played the scales, zooming up and down, even though he is on good meds. We are waiting to get into our primary care physician this week and hopefully will get some other kind of treatment to help keep his bp in the safe zone (which for him is under 150).

I am thanking the Lord for his mercy upon my family and for his care and comfort this past week. I have had people all around the world praying for us and let me tell you -- it worked! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

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