April 15, 2009


This past week I decided to put together the beginnings of a portfolio. I will admit that we are lazy home schoolers. Living here in Arizona requires very little "paperwork" on our part. I don't have to submit anything to our state. Over the course of five years, while we have generated a lot of papers, I have not been very good about organizing them, or at least presenting them in a "documentable" format.

My son will begin 11th grade this fall, and with the thoughts of college around the corner, the idea of having a put together portfolio, makes so much sense. I am not sure whether anyone will ask for one, but it sure would be nice to have something ready to go, just in case.

So this week, while planning our next year, I decided it would just make sense to start organizing our records and materials into something that "resembles" a portfolio.

I have pulled together some resources which I think will fit the bill. In general layout, the portfolio will be a 3-ring binder with tabs defining each section. I will use sheet protectors and folders for things that just won't punch well. We will keep samples of writing as well as some of our projects (video, music, etc.)

My goal is to keep two years worth of records, hoping that a college admissions officer will consider Y11 and Y12 worth more value than anything studied in Y9 or 10.

I will post some photos once I get the entire thing put together, but for now, my idea is pretty much all in my head. Here's to finally getting our home school organized! LOL! Only 5 years in, with 2 years left to go!!

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AFwife99 said...

Carol, You inspire me. You are so thoughtful and considerate. I am sure that your son has been greatly blessed by your time together.

Thank you,
Jess- from AmbleRamble, AOonline, and AreteClassical groups