May 2, 2009

Building a Portfolio

I have made some headway on our portfolio this week. I finally decided to try my hand and put together a real portfolio. One of the things I that I decided to do was try and create something that would represent our actual success at home schooling. I am not sure if I consider our home schooling successful, yet. I guess when my son gets accepted into college, well, that would be a sign of success! LOL! Actually, I do consider us successful. Our home schooling journey has been interesting, challenging, and academically satisfying. That is probably more than what most ps kids might say about their high school program (ya think?)

I really like the idea of a portfolio. I think it will be nice to have one done, just in case some admissions officers asks us for one. I am pretty much making it, rather than my son, who is not that interested in these types of things. I am thinking that I will make him create a senior project, probably a website or something techy, to show off his last year in school. For me, though, an old fashioned binder with tabs will do just fine.

Note: our printer has gone on the fritz so I cannot print out my portfolio pages! Drats!! As soon as we get a new printer, I will have my son take a snap shot of what my binder looks like. The MS Word pages LOOK really nice :o).

I found this book (see picture) online and ordered it through my library. Many schools use this book to create their Senior Portfolio project. I figure we can work through it and count it as credit towards Career Building or Career Programming.

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Angela said...

New to the blog- but I just had to say Thanks for the tips. I am going to check out this book right away!