May 1, 2009

Home Schooling can be FUN!

My mom called me on the phone today and told me that my son actually LIKES science! I was not too shocked over this news, but was surprized to hear just how much he is enjoying our Physics study. He is 15 plus 8 months (counting down the days to 16!) and is not always the most enthusiastic when it comes to school work. I guess, though, he was talking with my dad (the ultimate science guy) and was sharing something he had learned from his study. My folks were impressed and wanted me to know that whatever he is "reading/learning seems to be sticking to him!" PTL!! Amen!!

Just a note - we are reading Physics for Dummies and watching the video series, The Mechanical Universe and Beyond (produced by the California Institute of Technology and Intelecom -- if you watch the TV show NUMB3RS - this is the same Cal Tech), online. This video series is free to view from The Annenberg Project. We have watched a number of these programs and have found them to be very well done and very, very interesting. My son really likes this one and has been able to make a lot of great connections to his text. Our course is sort of a "Physics lite" one -- not a lot of emphasis on math, but more on practical application. I figure my son can take a true physics course at the community college, should he really want to pursue it some day.

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