August 14, 2009

Do Overs

The other day, I was thinking about my experience home schooling and wistfully thought about "doing things over." Every now and then, I get this way. I am a confessed curriculum junkie. I love curriculum, all kinds, and love receiving my yearly catalogs from the big publishing companies. Even though we have used Ambleside Online fairly consistently (free Charlotte Mason curriculum), I still find myself drawn to other programs. I am steadfastly eclectic, so no one package seems to work for me (or meets my expectations, LOL!) I prefer Charlotte Mason's teaching methods, but am not 100% purist when it comes to implementing them. I love classical education type programs such as The Well-Trained Mind, but don't like all the rote work and paperwork that seems to go along (workbooks, etc.) I guess I am most closely aligned with the true classical approach -- the Socratic Method (questions and answers by a mentor/mentee), but know that this works best with teens in the high school years. I enjoy some textbooks (for color and presentation), like unit studies and lap books (all crafts), think adding in movies/DVDs enhances learning, but still find reading a good book works when all else fails (or money doesn't materialize).

So just for grins, I thought I would put together my 12 year program (should I ever have the opportunity to teach littles again!). I typed it up in Word and it is downloadable here:

Sigh! Maybe I am getting old, or a bit whimsical now that my only child will be 16, but this was a fun experiment and gave me some time to rethink and plan along those "what ifs".

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