August 14, 2009

Mission Statement

I found this slip of paper tucked into my Bible the other day. I wrote this "mission statement" back in 2006:

I will live my life as an imitation of Jesus Christ. I will make Him the center of my attention, my focus, and my passion. I will pay attention to the world around me, and do what I can do demonstrate God's love and compassion to those I see in need. I will choose to obey God without question and without hesitation. I will cherish my freedom in Christ, and will express my joy in His gift of redemption. I will be faithful and steadfast and will work "as unto the Lord." I will make integrity and honor my bywords and the mark of my witness. I will maintain a pure and wholesome appearance. I will make godliness the mark of my life. I will love the Lord with all my being (my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength.) I will love my neighbor as myself and give preference to others. I will finish this journey with grace, meekness, and humbleness.

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