September 9, 2009

Music Lessons

I am learning to play the cello. It has been a dream of mine for a long time, something I have wanted to do for nearly twenty years. A friend loaned us her cello (my son's music teacher), and then this past weekend, another friend (of my parents) gave us his old cello (well-worn, but still useable).

I have been teaching myself (with my son leading -- he is so phenomenal at everything musical -- and he is a GREAT teacher), and have to say that I am actually making some progress.

I am not musical. Never have been. I struggled to learn to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in 4th grade and was dropped from the school band. I tried guitar in high school, but couldn't move my fingers and strum at the same time (ok, I admit it -- I cannot walk and chew gum OR rub my tummy while patting my head!)

My son has the music-gene, thankfully. He is an accomplished pianist, an extra-ordinary guitarist, as well as beginning cellist (well, let's just say he blows me out of the water and pretty much can either figure out what to play or can learn how to play it in less than five minutes). I love music, and I love listening to my son play music. My heart has longed to play music as well, but I really believed that I was incapable of playing or learning any instrument.

I complain a lot, especially about not being able to play my one piece of music, "Ode to Joy!" perfectly. My son tells me I am doing well. He also reminds me that I picked that piece of music. When I tell him I want to play it "my way" (something he did while learning piano), he smiles and says "No, you have to play it the way it was written." (Oh, thank you, Mrs. Macklin -- your patience and understanding of my son's uniqueness has rubbed off -- he GETS it!)

Sigh...I just want to play well. I don't expect to perform for anyone but my family. I would really like to be able to play hymns and praise songs and generally play pieces that I like. It is not a big request, just a little one.

Did I mention that my fingers hurt? LOL! (My son is smiling at me and I can hear him say: "it will get better, Mom. Just be patient.) God is so GOOD to me!

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