September 23, 2009

Schooling Update

Today, I am revising our home school schedule. DS is doing well, but really needs a daily list to help him stay on track. I have tried to give him a weekly schedule once before, and he starts out good, but then seems to get sidetracked with other interests, and before you know it, is behind on his studies. My goal is to prepare him for college...well...I don't think he is ready for that yet.

I am going to go back to using our online school schedule template. I started doing this back in 9th grade and it worked well. DS could easily login and check his schedule. He could read online assignments, click through to video labs, etc. It made it possible for him to do school without me, so that there was no excuse ("Mom didn't give me a schedule printout.")

Hopefully, this will help him stay on top of his studies and we can make sure we are completing all our assignments.

-->Link to our virtual school schedule

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Tim's Mom said...

Daily schedules rather than weekly schedules seem to work better for us, too.