March 13, 2010

BBQ and fun

We had a great BBQ tonight at our church. This was a "thank you" for all the children's volunteers who serve in AWANA and Sunday School. The food was great and the fellowship sweet!

Later on, we watched "Jurassic Park III." We tend to watch groups of movies, so this was the third in a series for us (all three of the Jurassic movies). It has been really great since our son got his braces off -- we finally can have "Movie Theater" butter flavored micro-popcorn Hooray!! Our next series up is another turn through "The Lord of the Rings" movies. After that, probably another viewing of the Bourne movies.

We have been slowly collecting the Special Edition DVDs. We recently got the last "Star Wars" Movie (episode 6). Up next in the collection will be the three Indian Jones movies. Fun stuff!

On to other news...not much has happened today except that I did get some rest in. I am pretty sleepy now, but had a productive day. I was able to get the next 12 weeks of lessons planned, and typed up two weeks of LPs for me to follow. I am not really good about typing up LPs. I pretty much set my son's schedule and then wing it. I do so much better -- I mean -- we do so much better with LPs. LOL! Now, after almost 6 years and at the end of our journey, I am finally seeing the value in LPs. Go figure.

That's it for tonight. I am ready for bed, getting pretty sleepy, and hoping for an uneventful evening (please, kind tonight?)

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Pam said...

It's nice to have some good days. I also had one as a friend and I thrift shopped yesterday. Good conversation and deals,and food I didn't have to make!
God bless.