March 9, 2010

Braces are Coming Off!

We have been looking forward to this day for nearly 3.5 years. Today, was our usual appointment, the one major difference was that we "knew" it might be today. The past couple months have been the "slow, painful" tweaking process, whereby our Orthodontist made tiny, tiny little changes to the teeth. It was a "1/4 of a millimeter" turn here or there for the last six-eight months.

Last month, we got the word that we were in the final countdown, and that the Dr. would make the decision of whether or not we were "there yet." Our Dr. is a perfectionist (he admits it -- we love him for it). He told me that he wouldn't keep on tweaking unless he felt it was necessary. He also said that at some point he would make up his mind if we were "close-enough" to be done.

Well, today was that day. We got the word -- the braces are coming off! Whoo Hoo!!

God is so good to us. We "assumed" that it might be another month (check today, then schedule for 2-4 weeks for debanding, followed by retainers, etc.). Instead, we were given two choices of appointments -- Thursday or Friday of this week! I was jumping for joy (so was my son -- they are his teeth after all).

So we go back on Thursday for debanding, and then will go back next week for retainers. God has seen us through this entire process for 3.5 years, and we are now done. Praise God for His Provision -- He is SO GOOD to US!

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