March 10, 2010

Celebrating Jesus!

Just wanted to share a little praise! One of the little boys in my AWANA class accepted Jesus today. He was so cute! He is in 2nd grade and came in tonight with a brand new Bible (with his name on it). He told everyone that "today he trusted Jesus." I just was so happy -- what wonderful news. This little boy loves Jesus, and knows the Word. He is one of those little guys who cannot sit still long enough to listen, and never, ever waits to be called on. He always knows the answer to every question. Ask him about any Bible story, and he will tell you exactly what is what, and to boot, he will tell you "doctrinally" what is what! LOL!

Thank you, Dear Jesus, for calling to yourself little ones like Christian (yes, that is his name). I am praising you this day for making yourself known to him. I pray that over the coming year, you will continue to pour out your love on him and let him know how very much he means to you. Thank you for your love and I pray now for your protection on his little faith. May it grow into a GIANT MUSTARD TREE. In Jesus name, I pray...Amen!

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