March 7, 2010

A Day of Rest

It is Sunay morning, a true day of rest. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. today, not too early, but still earlier than I wanted to get up. The boys were active on the bed, AGAIN! There were at least two good jumps from the dresser to the bed (with me in between) before I decided it wasn't worth trying to stay asleep. I got up, moseyed on out to the kitchen and made my cup of coffee.

As I sit here blogging, I am reminded of what a great gift it is to have one day in seven marked as a permanent day of rest. I know that many people now work on Sundays, but even still, this day was given by God to be a day of rest for all of mankind. We are to do "no work" on this day, to remember that God rested from all His work. If we would truly follow His ordinance, I think we would find that our lives are far less stressful, and far more relaxing.

I have spent a number of rest days truly resting. There is a difference, you know. Some people think resting is doing absolutely nothing (like the Amish or Orthodox Jews). Some people consider it their day "off" and a free day to go out hiking, biking, camping, etc. Other's just think it means to not work (do job-related work). My personal opinion is that we are to rest from our labors (whatever labor you do all week long, that is what you are to rest from). In the olden days, this would have been most labor-related work (farm, house work -- all required physical hard labor). In our modern society, we have so many conveniences that make these types of work much easier. Though my Dad will say that "a farmer never rests." He still had to milk the cows, feed the chickens, etc. on Sundays.

So, I guess the best way to approach it is to rest from whatever work you can rest from without hurting yourself, your family, or your animals. To me, I simply look at it as a rest day from my labor (home schooling, house work, etc.) I try and use it for actual rest (napping or doing quiet work). I also try and use it for family, and often will go shopping or over to my parents to visit. As long as it is not intensive, and is not generating income (work/job), then I consider it my rest.

Today, I actually plan on resting (napping). I feel like I need the extra sleep, and feel that a rest will do me good. I am still getting over this illness/flu business, and think the down-time will help me to feel better. I also want to head into next week more refreshed. I good nap, a quiet a day of quiet activity, will bring about a quiet mind and body. It will work wonders for me.

I wish you a beautiful day of rest. May the Lord of Peace grant you rest from your work this day. Amen.

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