March 27, 2010

God's Timing

Another good lesson was learned this week. I have been working very hard on trusting the Lord for His specific timing of things. This is probably the hardest aspect to walking in relationship with the Lord. My idea of time is fixed. It is not movable. There are 24 hours in a day, and the clock, while not always precise, it pretty close to bet a race on. I know when 6:00 a.m or p.m. comes. I know when it is noon or Midnight.

The problem is that God's timing doesn't always coincide with our 24 hour clock. His time is out of sync with ours. He pops into our time and works within our limited frame of reference, but He lives within and without time itself.

When we ask for certain things, believe in certain things, hope for certain things, we often do so with the expectation that they will come within our time. Our time could be today, tomorrow or a week from now. Typically, it is within our frame of SOME POINT IN TIME.

God doesn't always deliver His promises to fit into our sequence and understanding of time. We have been waiting a very long time for the Lord to return, yet Scripture tells us that it is imminent (now, soon, at hand). We are told to be on the alert, to be ready, to be watchful for His return. We wait, we do what the Word says, and we wait some more. Now, 2000 plus years later, we are still waiting. In my frame of reference, 2000 years is not IMMINENT. It is not NOW. It has been a really, really, really long waiting period.

If you keep that in perspective, it does help you deal with waiting for other things in your life. The Word says that in God's timing, "one day is like a thousand years." God is not limited by our time or our perception of time. He is there in TIME, but not bound by it.

I have been praying for a certain thing, something I know is the Lord's will for my life. I am hoping this certain thing will come about very soon. I feel that it is possible. I believe it can be. I just continue to wait for it. It is so hard because I really do need this thing. I am ready for it, prepared for it, and wanting it desperately. Yet, it doesn't come to pass. I question the Lord, "Why, Lord? Why has this thing not come to pass?" The answer is always "in my time, and not yours." Ugh! Oh how it could be in our time, kwim? I can think of how cool it would be to say, "Lord, I need this thing." And, poof, I would have it. I laughed when writing this out, because it is so true. I really do want it to be that way. I really want to be able to ask and receive just like that, poof! I know what I want is some magical lamp that I can rub and make God do whatever I want Him to do. I don't mean to put Him in this small of a thing, to condense His IMMENSENESS into a tiny magic lamp, but often that is exactly how I think and feel about Him.

I would never go before Him and say it to His face (figuratively, you know), but I do treat Him that way at times. "Why, Lord? I rubbed the lamp (I believed), I shook it up (I trusted), I said the right words (I prayed), I held onto it so tightly (I waited), and nothing happened. No magic poof with the answer (the thing) appearing before my eyes." Yes, I do it all the time. I do it without even thinking about it. I am still living and functioning within my time and space. I believe He is able to do all things, but I forget that all those things will be done in His time only. I can act like Aladdin and use a magic lamp, but all I will get it sore fingers and a whole lot of waiting around for nothing.

I laugh at my silliness, and think my Father in Heaven must think it is pretty comical too. I know Him well, and He knows me even better. He doesn't want me to do this anymore, but my mind only wants to think this way. I need to stop treating Him like a magic ATM. I believe He is able to do all things, but I must believe with the understanding that all things come in His time and according to His will. Even when I am believing for all things WITHIN HIS TIME AND WILL, I must never think I can control when they will be. I must wait with patience and with the expectation that they will come, but not treat it as a done deal, something that I have made to come to pass.

No, the Lord of Glory will not be put into a box, an ATM or a magic lamp. He is God. He lives within our time and without our time. He functions to His Glory only. We are privy to some of that Glory. We are able to share in it, to have relationship with Him, but we cannot know everything He knows or demand or want or even ask to be kept in the "inner circle." There are some things that the Father only knows. Some things are kept within the Trinity, and some things are made known to man. It is important not to cross wires and THINK you are in the know when you are not.

Praise Be to God that even when I am mistaken, and think I know more than I do, He is kind and gentle to remind me what is what. Even when I believe with my whole heart that something will be, He is kind and gentle to help me learn how He does things. Even when I feel downcast because something I believed didn't come to pass when I wanted it to, He is kind and gentle to remind me that He is God and that all things are possible with Him...but only in His Time.

I am thanking Him today because while I may be disappointed, I am not discouraged. I learned a valuable lesson in timing, and know with all the more certainty that all things are possible with Him. I must wait, I must be patient, and I must trust that He will bring those things to me of His choosing, and in His time.

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