March 8, 2010

Graduate Study and Self-Education

I am in the process of applying to Mercy College in NY for entrance to their Master of Arts English Literature program. My goal is to teach college-level composition and literature courses. This program is really perfect for me, so I am excited to get through the application phase and into the actual course work.

I am also working on some self-education courses, courses that I think will help me in the long run to teach both composition and literature to college students.

English Grammar - I am already pretty strong in Grammar, but thought another run through both Jensen's Grammar and Punctuation would prove beneficial to me.

Composition (Teaching) - Writing is probably my gifted area, so I don't need a lot of instruction in how to write. I do need help in TEACHING writing to students. I love IEW's Teaching Writing DVD Course, and wish I would have used it for my son (too expensive, too much water under that bridge). I plan on purchasing the DVD course and studying it for my own use as a college composition teacher.

Literature (Teaching) - I have been leading adult classical literature courses for the past five years. IEW's Teaching the Classics DVD Series will help me gain a firmer understanding of how to structure a literature course, and how to use the Socratic Method for teaching students.

Latin Instruction - My son and I worked through Rosetta Stone Latin 1 a few years back. It was a good program, though as with all of RS's CDs, I find that we retained little from them. Artes Latinae Levels I & II by Waldo Sweet is the best self-teaching course available. I have wanted to continue with Latin study for some time, but never got around to actually doing it. Completing both levels will enhance my ability to teach college-level English. It is a good goal for me, one that I am interested in attempting.

Other than these extra courses, my literature program at Mercy will be mostly reading. I have already read a number of the books listed (from my Humanities degree, English minor degree, and years teaching the classics). I am not too worried about reading through the MA nor am I overly concerned about having to write essays (my favorite thing, actually).

I will be still teaching my son at home, using an eclectic mix of textbooks, CM's teaching methods, videos and unit studies. We like a lot of variety in our schooling, and these specific approaches seem to work best for us.

That's it for today...still feeling cruddy, but finally getting better (overall.) My goal for today is to work on Y11 (term 3 begins tomorrow) and Y12 schooling (next year). It is still raining and it is a good day to be inside!

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