March 11, 2010

Planning and Purposing

This brings me round back to my purpose here in posting. As a soon to be single Mom, I need to consider how to support myself. I may have a home or I may not. I may live in AZ or I may live elsewhere. I need a plan. I have asked this of the Lord since before our marriage crisis. He has now given me clear definition of a plan. Finally, hooray! (Only "finally" because it has taken so long for me to be "agreeable" and "acceptable" to this plan).

This is what "I think" the Lord has in mind for me:
  • Graduate school -- Mercy College first (MA English) followed by Ph.D at Regent University (Education/Strategic Foresight)
  • Specific work/training in ministry
  • Language study - various for travel and ministry
  • Music study - for ministry
I am convinced of these items, as these are the very same ones the Lord seems to impress on my mind and heart daily. I know that these are His Will, and I am committed to attempting them for His Name and Glory. Moreover, I also know that I will be relocating to another state soon. The Lord has impress on me the need for me to be located near a major metropolitan airport (Phoenix is an International Airport -- but not as major as some in other places in the US). This is to facilitate His will for ministry, so He has asked me to consider relocating there now (rather than later). It has been a very difficult decision to follow, especially since I don't know a lot of the actual details (just considerations). There is a big unknown -- a job to support living in this city (which is more expensive than Phoenix). For now, I must wait for the Lord to pull everything together. His will is to be done -- and I will wait for it to come to pass.

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