March 23, 2010

Singing in the Rain

It is raining, again! The weather reports say that we have received our annual rainfall (which is about 5 inches) in the past two months! It has been such a wonderful spring, and the flowers are all in bloom. Unfortunately, allergies are in high gear. Yuck!

I think I have finally gotten a handle on this allergy mess in my head. I have started to take Sudafed (original little red pill) along with Mucinex. I am also sucking on Ricola Lemon Mint drops. The combination seems to be doing the trick. I am still coughing my head off at night (now less frequently), but with far less intensity. There is less post-nasal drip, which I read online, is really the primary factor in what I have or had earlier in February. So it goes...perhaps in the next few days, I will feel more like myself! Hurrah!

Other news...We have plumbing problems in our house! OH!! One of our toilets has always been slow draining. It was this way when we bought our house eleven years ago. Now, it gets backed up fairly easily. Our other bathroom has shower problems, but the toilet always seems to run fine. Yesterday, both backed up! What a mess! I did find a wonderful thing at Ace Hardware that seems to be working wonders. It is a toilet enzyme, and it works overnight. You just put those little buggers in your toilet, flush, and let them go through the pipe doing what they do best (eating organic material). It has improved the flushing already.

Other than our plumbing woes, not much else has changed here. DS is doing really well with his piano studies. He will be performing one of Chopin's Nocturnes at recital on April 11th. He plays it beautifully, and with such emotion. He really can play Chopin well. He is also working on learning Harmony with his teacher's help. He has already completed a college-level course in ear training and sight singing, and now is working on learning how to harmonize. His singing has greatly improved.

Just the other day, I picked him up from Trinity practice (our church's youth praise group), and got to hear them rehearse for their first performance. They have been working on getting ready for about three months now, and finally have their first real "gig." They will be the guest band at UMOM, a family shelter in Phoenix. The first Saturday of each month, they have a youth/children's church program. Our band was asked to come and lead worship. My son is the lead guitarist/bassist for the group. He also sings vocals, though he doesn't like to be the lead singer. Thankfully, another boy has started coming, and he has a booming bass voice. He is not afraid to belt it out, and it has really boosted my son's confidence in singing louder. Anyhoo...I was waiting for them to finish and they were practicing "Pharoah, Pharoah" for the children's program. It took all I could do not to son was SO GOOD! He was cool, and singing his heart out (and in perfect pitch). I was so proud of him.

He wants to lead worship, though doesn't want to be the main singer of the group. He plans on studying Music Theory in college, but I am hoping he will also explore worship opportunities as well. I think he has really come into his own through this little band. It was a pet project of one of the boy's parents in our youth group. They have felt the call of God to pull teens together to get them involved in worship at the church. They have trained them to run the sound board, power point, and now to lead in music. What a gift they are giving to the families at our church!!

That's about it for now. We are going to the eye doctor later today (DS needs his eyes checked for new glasses), and will be doing school. Pretty normal day for us.

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