April 3, 2010

Cello Update

I am still making steady progress on the cello. I am almost finished with Book 2 (Suzuki), though I am struggling to play two pieces correctly (a Gavotte by Gossec and a Bourree by Handel). This is my third month of lessons and frankly I am finding it difficult to get the rhythm correct. It is a weird thing, something common to older beginners.

Often, an older student, especially a serious one (one who is committed to practice), will find that they pick up the technical aspects of playing the instrument before they actually grasp the ability to play it musically. It is sort of like being able to spell a word properly without being able to pronounce it. I can play Gossec's Gavotte, but not as it was intended to be played. I can finger all the notes, and do it fairly quickly, but without the musical nuance of the original piece.

My son experienced the exact same thing when he was first taking piano lessons. I remember his teacher saying this to me: "Your son can play the piece technically well, but not as it was meant to be played. He hasn't developed musicality yet." I also remember her tell me that he would catch up in time, and that at some point it would all click together. As I recall it did, somewhere around Year 4 of his studies.

I am ready to move into Book 3; but I am not happy with the way I am playing. I want to play these pieces well, as they were intended to be played. Harumph! I do see great improvement each week, and my teacher tells me to relax and just focus on what we are learning and not worry so much about being perfect. I cannot help it, I want to play perfectly and I am willing to practice until I can get it right. Unfortunately, I also get frustrated and then get so depressed when I cannot play it as I want to play it. LOL! It is just something I have to get over...soon!

News Flash!

I am about ready to invest in a new cello. I have wanted one since I started playing cello back in November. I love my Kay cello, but it has a mind of it's own and it is not the best sounding instrument. I want to play well, and I am getting frustrated by it's inability to do that. I have been looking at Craig's list as well as local shops for a good deals, but nothing has appeared as of yet.

My new thought is to perhaps purchase a cello and make payments. I probably could swing this once I have a job. Hmmmm....I will need to think more on this (oh my favorite thing to do is dream of cellos!) The photo above is of an Emmanuel Wilfer cello. Wilfer is mostly known for making awesome double basses, but they also make very fine cellos. I need to go and test this one out (at Southwest Strings in Tucson).

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