April 2, 2010

Edgar Meyer

I am listening to Edgar Meyer's self-titled CD. For those who don't know who he is, he is an awesome bassist. I first heard him play bass on a Yo-Yo Ma CD (Classic Yo-Yo). It featured Yo-Yo Ma along with some of the finest string instrumentalists of our day (Mark O'Connor and Edgar Meyer along with the likes of Itzak Perlman). I had never really heard a double-bass played this way, or for that matter, in any other way than in a traditional plucking fashion (pizzicato).

Edgar Meyer plays the bass the way Yo Yo Ma plays the cello. It is just amazing to hear him make this deep voiced instrument sing. I have casually joked that "once I master the cello, I plan on learning to play the double bass!" I joked about it, but there is something deep inside me that likes the bass.

As I listen to this CD I am so impressed with the way that Meyer can perform such a range of music. Typically, you hear double bass in an orchestra or in a Jazz quartet or quintet. He plays it like it was a solo instrument -- just amazing.

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