April 19, 2010

Faith Walk: Update

Ok, I did it. I sent the rest of my application materials off to Mercy College in NY. I am officially "in process" to be accepted to graduate studies! I am praying now that they receive my packet, and like me (and my grades). I have all the qualifications, very good grades, etc., I cannot really think they would say no. I am expecting to receive notification of "Welcome to Mercy!" very soon.

God is so very good to me. He has provided a graduate program (all online) that is right up my alley, a perfect fit for my interests and skills. He has provided a good recommendation (which I was struggling to obtain on my own), and the money (thanks to some temp work on Saturday) so I could send in my application processing fee! Is that not testimony to the fact that this is the Lord's will for me? I certainly think so (and am praising Him as such!)

My goal is to begin study in English Literature in the fall. If all goes well, I should graduate next May with my Masters of Art degree. Once I have that degree done, I can start teaching college composition and literature courses. I can also really seek employment (in Education) where a MA degree is preferred. I am so pumped right now because I believe that this is the path I am supposed to be on.

My prayer is for a speedy receipt and acceptance of my materials. Then--comes the BIGGIE--waiting for provision for payment (as in paying tuition). The Lord has given me confidence to apply without the assurance of payment, and I know if there is one thing He can do -- it is provide a way for me to pay for school!!

Dear Lord,

I have stepped out in faith this day. I have followed your Spirit's leading and am confident that this is your plan for me. Please provide for my application materials and also for acceptance for fall study. This is for your glory, and I am trusting and relying on you for your provision.

Update: May 2010

I have received partial confirmation back from Mercy College. They have received all my materials and have sent them over to the department. I need to send one more recommendation in (waiting for it to be filled), and then I should be good to go. I cannot imagine them not accepting me -- I have such good grades and being an older student -- graduate study is really not an issue. I am just waiting for that acceptance letter to let me know that I am "approved!" Whoo whee -- what a day that will be! Praising God today for His Faithfulness to me. He has been so faithful in guiding me through all the details, through all the little things that are required for me to go back to school. God is SO VERY GOOD TO ME.

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