April 15, 2010

Getting More Stuff Done Today

Another really great day! I am having such a blast and feel like I am finally getting some things done (things that should have been done a very long time ago). I spent the better part of the day working on my home schooling resource book. This is something I have had around for the past six years, in various stages of completion, but now with college looming on the horizon, I have really needed to get it organized. I did most of this work a few weeks back, but today I worked specifically on showcasing exactly what we have done for our high school program. This has been no small feat, simply because of the approach we have used (Charlotte Mason), and the sheer number of books we have read.

I have a new 9-12th grade Scope and Sequence chart here. It pretty much follows Ambleside Online's upper levels, with some very minor adjustments. When I finished it, I was so blown away by how much work we have actually accomplished in the past 4 years (we have also finished Y6-8 for 6-8th grades -- not documented). By the time we finish, we will have read almost the entire Y6-Y12 book lists! Hooray!!

I also spent some time on cello practice (as usual), and really worked so hard on good intonation. Cello is not easy, but I love it, and the Lord has so richly blessed me with this wonderful gift.

Right now, I have dinner in the oven, and am on my way out to Chamber practice (none for me -- just my son). Hope I will have a good evening to top off this super blessed day!

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