April 8, 2010

Getting Organized - at last!

My Home School Stuff

I am completing my sixth year of home schooling, and today I decided it was high-time to get myself organized (again!) I was super organized in the beginning and then I floundered through Junior High (changing curriculum several times). My whole life swung back and forth there for a time, and I lost my focus on being organized. I regrouped for high school, but over time, and with never ending interruptions, I allowed (I admit it, it was my fault) myself to become chaotic and disorganized.

I am a hyper-organized type person, so I can tell you that being disorganized is not a pleasant thing for me. It seemed like the more I tried to regroup, the more I lost focus, and eventually I just gave up on the whole idea. But, now that we are in Term three of our Y11, I thought it was time to jump back on the organization horse, and take control.

Voila! I sorted through stacks and stacks of papers, printed new calendars, revised schedules, and moved all the old read books back to their library shelves. I was left with just our books for term 3, my newly cleaned and freshly sorted teacher binder, and a few reminders of days gone by (my son's art work on the bulletin board).

Whew! I am so relieved and I feel great. House cleaning, even in home schooling, feels so great and does a 'body' good!

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