April 26, 2010

More Planning

It is another beautiful day here in sunny Arizona. The day time high is expected to be in the 80s. It is a PERFECT spring day (spring for us; summer for others!) The flowers are still in bloom (my cactus is blooming -- I wish my camera was working so I could take a picture of it -- it is lovely!), and the birds are everywhere (especially the little hummingbirds). I just wish I had a garden.

I love to garden and used to keep a fairly large one (in San Jose, CA). The weather in SJ is very favorable to growing things, and with the moderate climate and wet seasons, pretty much anything you stick in the ground, will grow. When I lived there, I had four four-by-four foot garden boxes. I raised all sorts of herbs and vegetables, along with citrus and grapes. My garden was pretty much my entire back yard, with the exception of a large ugly slab of concrete. I decorated the concrete with loads of flower pots and junk furniture -- very shabby chic. I really had a wonderful little place to retreat to during the spring-summer and early fall months.

Since moving to Phoenix (and Scottsdale), I have not had the pleasure of living anywhere comfortable. By that, I simply mean, all the homes I have lived in (from apartments to rental homes to my own home) had a north-south exposure, with the backyard facing south. This means that in the summer, you get the very hot summer sun in your backyard. Without some structure for shade, it is nearly impossible to do anything out there EXCEPT swim, if you are lucky enough to have a pool (we don't). I tried gardening with shade cloth, but everything just died on the vine. I also tried to create some raised beds, but the dirt in my yard is a close to concrete as possible, so digging was a chore. Ah--how I miss my fertile and oh so green yard in San Jose.

Now that I am contemplating moving to another place, I am more keen on sighting the home properly. I need a home with either north-south exposure (but home flipped) or east-west exposure. East-west would be preferred because then the hot sun beats on the side of your home, and if you are fortunate, your neighbor's home will shade you well. I am hoping to also have a home with some grass, and a spot in the back for a small garden. I would love a pool, but am unsure if I can afford one. The cost and upkeep on a pool is really expensive and with my limited budget, probably will not find a home with a pool. Oh well!

It is fun to look at homes. I enjoy doing it (always have), and am so glad that you can do it online. It saves so much time and hassle (no realtors, no open houses, no showcases). You just get on one of the big real estate sites and voila! You are connected to the MLS service and can see everything available in your town (or prospective town). I am having a good time imagining what a new home might look like, though I am also very realistic about what I could afford (either in rent or future purchase). My hope right now is to find a place that will work for me and my son. It needs to be large enough to handle all his music equipment and my cello. It also has to have space for a piano (acoustic grand). Other than that, I am very flexible.

My plan is to start looking for a place very soon. I need confirmation on a job, and then I will be able to really start looking seriously. I have applied to YET another position through the Maricopa Community College District office. In all, I have applied five times this year. Two of those positions have been filled, the other three are JUST starting interviews (one after nearly 5 months of the job posting closing -- I guess they REALLY ARE THAT SLOW!) My goal would be to be hired for one of these jobs. Two would pay well, and be full-time. The third is a part-time position that still pays OK. It would work for me.

I am confident that the Lord knows exactly what kind of job I need. He knows that I need to move (for many reasons) and that to do that I need His Provision. I am totally reliant on Him to provide me with a job, a home, and a way to start over. I cannot do anything until He moves and then I know that everything will just "click" and fall into place. I know this is the case -- and that patience is what is called for right now. The Lord's timing is always Perfect. He knows my needs. He will deliver me from the hand of my enemy, and He will provide a way out. I know this. I trust Him, and I believe that His Word to me is true.

Dear Lord,

I am relying on you to bring me a job. You know my needs best, so please provide adequate work for me to do. I want to live honorably before you, to be responsible for my own keep. I want to work so I can eat and live quietly among the people. I am asking now that you will guide me to the job you have in mind for me, and that you would facilitate my interview and hiring. I believe that this is your will, so I ask this in your name, knowing full well that whatever we ask according to your will, will be given to us. Thank you, Lord, for your promise in Scripture, and for being faithful to me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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