April 11, 2010

Recital Today

My son's music teacher is having a recital today. He will be performing around 1 p.m. along with the high school students in her studio. I am also performing, well just singing, to help fill in the choir part of two of their songs. It has been really fun to go to Chamber practice and rehearse with them. I have enjoyed the experience, but have to tell you that I am really, really glad that I am not playing anything on the cello today! LOL! Mrs. Macklin was right about that one...she said she didn't want me to be nervous (I didn't think I would be), but now that we are here...oh, my goodness...am I nervous! That is why you always listen to a teacher who has been teaching in her field for over 30 years -- she does know what she is talking about, for sure!

My son will be performing one of Chopin's Nocturnes on the piano as well as a duet on guitar (Imagine by John Lennon). The Nocturne is lovely, and he does a fine job playing electric guitar along with one of the other gals (she also plays piano and guitar).

Here are two video clips of the song's the chamber group will be playing today. Both are by Barrage:

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