April 20, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

This is one of my favorite movies (and books!) I just finished watching the DVD for the umpteenth time, and still found myself wistful and teary eyed at the end. I just love Emma Thompson and find her screenplay to be spot on to the sensibilities of the book. Hugh Grant is delightful, and Kate Winslet is so much, Marianne.

One of the things that always gets me is the injustice towards women portrayed throughout Jane Austen's writing. It is clearly evident that she felt strongly about the male dominated society she was a part of, and historically speaking, living in legacy to her forebears. It has only been in our modern history that women have had any rights at all. In her century, as in previous ones, women were little more than mere adornment. They were superficial add-ons, a necessary burden to the men in the society. Yet, throughout Ms. Austen's stories, we see very strong, independent and willful women being triumphed and praised. Though they often are seen quietly, demurred, and obedient, underneath that prim and proper exterior, lived the heart of a true lioness.

I love these stories, and think the screen adaptations (both major film and through the small screen of the BBC, A&E, Masterpiece Theater) have done a fantastic job of recreating life as it was according to Ms. Austen (and Mr. Dickens -- another of my favorite authors).

Anyhow, just waxing philosophical before bedtime tonight. Oh, how I love the English countryside (Devonshire) and long for the green hills of the country.

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