May 17, 2010


I love words, especially words that are no longer in common use. One of the words I really like happens to be "flummery." I love the sound of the word -- flumm ery. It is just so perfect, so completely non-sensical and I love the way it rolls off your tongue. I happened to be praying this morning, and as I was speaking with the Lord, I said to Him: "this is just complete flummery." It was correctly stated as I was speaking of my situation and the way I was feeling this morning. I went on to say that I was "flummoxed" over the details, the way things were coming to pass. Ha!

I love the word flummoxed too -- it is also a superb word. It sums up my feelings today -- I am flummoxed (confused, confounded, bewildered).

Yes, today things are coming round and are complete flummery (nonsense).

Perhaps the day will bear itself out better. It is only 10:30 a.m. after all -- there is much left of this day, so I think I will chin up and think happier thoughts for the rest of the day.

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