May 1, 2010

May Day

May Pole and Dance

May Day is celebrated throughout the world as a sign of winter's end. Here in Arizona, where there is virtually no winter, we don't celebrate this day, but I do remember learning about it when I was a child (back East). My most favorite memories come from British novels and dramatizations where May Poles and dances were held at the end of Spring. I think it is a lovely idea, even if it stems from pagan rites and rituals (LOL!)

Today IS May 1, 2010. It is hard to believe that it has been a whole 6-months since November past. This is one of the mid-points in the year (weird how the year is split, and not from Jan-June; but from November-May), when the seasons really change (from Fall to Summer).

I love the month of May. As a child, it signaled the end of school (hooray!) as well as the coming of Summer. Growing up in Northern Illinois, we began to count the days until we could go swimming. We got out all our summer clothing, and even tried to wear it when the temperatures weren't quite warm enough to do so! I remember laying out on my back porch, freezing to death in shorts and tank top (it was probably mid-May), just trying to get a jump on my summer tan. How silly of me, when by Summer's end, I always had a very nice tan. But, you know, girls will be girls (and I grew up in the 1960-70s -- tans were very IN).

Now, I am sitting here at my desk, blogging and drinking my coffee. I am thinking about May and what this month might bring my way. I am hoping it will bring a new job opportunity, as well as the first real sign that the plans I think the Lord has for me are coming to pass. A job is step number one since everything else sits on or relies on getting employed. I am hopeful, believing that He has the perfect situation prepared for me. I am waiting with anticipation, with expectation, that He will do as He has promised -- and bring me good work. It is just a matter of His timing, which I know is perfect. He will do as He has promised because He is faithful, and He always keeps His word. I know Him, and I know He knows my needs. I must simply wait with faith and trust in who He is -- that He is God, and that He has a great plan for my life.

Yes, that is what I must do today, and tomorrow, and every day UNTIL this very thing comes to pass. I can do this, I can do it because He has shown Himself to be trustworthy and steadfast (immovable). He will do it because it is His nature to do what He says -- He never goes back on His word, He never changes His mind. He will do it because that is how He works. Faithful is our God. So faithful, so trustworthy, so unchangeable. He is God, and I stand in awe of His steadfastness, and His ability to do all things in perfect timing, in perfect unison, and with perfect completion. Amen, so be it, thy will be done. Selah (pause, and calmly think about that!)

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