May 29, 2010

A New Baby

Well, this week HAS been eventful. On Thursday, right when I was getting ready to practice cello, my DH and DS called out to me to tell me that there was a baby kitten in our front yard. It was in our bushes, and looked very tiny to be left alone. I am a cat person, so naturally, I am called in to handle these types of situations. I was able to rescue the kitten, with my son's help, and now we have a new baby in the house.

His name is Ike (posting a picture as soon as DS uploads one for me). He is about 6 weeks old, and as far as I can tell, either wandered away from Mama or was weaned early and let go. He was covered in dirt (smelled like it to), and after he settled down a bit, gulped down water and food (a sure sign of dehydration and several days without food). Funny thing was, this little guy, didn't behave like a feral kitten. I have hand raised several feral kittens, so I know feral ones when I see them. This little guy behaved strangely friendly, rolling over to show his tummy and all. He nuzzled and purred and generally acted like I was his Mama.

So there you have the short and long of it. We now have three cats again (Winston and Gus, age 3; and Ike, age 6 weeks). I guess Ike coming along when he did was really a gift from the Lord. My beloved Zachary, whom I loved and had as a companion for 20 years had recently been put down. He was very affectionate too, and liked to nuzzle. It is nice to have that experience again -- a warm fuzzy face, wet nose kisses, and soft purrs.

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