May 14, 2010

Walking by Faith

Good morning, world!

Today, is going to be another lovely day in Arizona (a bit hot, but that is to be expected for May in Phoenix!!) I am feeling pretty well, and thinking nice thoughts this morning. I have had my first cup of Joe, two mini cinnamon buns (the little ones you get from Costco), and am now working my way through cup number two. I do love my coffee. I have decided that of all the store brands, my choice is Maxwell House Master Blend. It is pretty good drip/grind coffee. I have tried more expensive cans, and they just don't cut it for me. This one always brews smooth and easy to drink. I am not a dark coffee drinker, but I don't want a mild flavor either. I prefer something right in the middle, something that can withstand my need for cream, and not completely lose it's flavor. Oh well, just some rambles for today...

I am also sitting here blogging and thinking "what in the world am I going to write today?" Writing is not a problem for me (or talking for that matter -- I do both well! LOL!) For some reason, today my mind is drawing a blank. Hmmm....a potent sign of danger perhaps? No, not really, just some fuzzy mental fluff still needing time to be shooshed away. My 2nd cup of Joe should do that for me -- I just need a little more time to sit and relax.

I titled this post "Walking by Faith" -- a title I have used before, but can't remember when. I tend to do that, reuse my titles. I am not the most creative writer, I will say that in all honesty, but I do write prolifically. I think I have come to find one of my many passions, and that is writing in journal style. I just love blogging, and I love the availability of blogs. I detest writing by hand, always have, and always have found it difficult to do. It has to do with the fact that I am a visual-spatial learner and I also have a visual processing disorder (IRLEN Syndrome). I never liked writing as a child, and always struggled to do it. I do like to type. I type about 90-100 wpm and find that I can type almost as fast as I can think.

So back to the point of this post. I have been stepping out in faith these past few months. I have been asked by the Lord to trust Him. At times, I have known exactly what I needed to trust Him for, and at other times, I have been a bit blind (just walking without a set direction). I have had to do it both ways for some time now. It has become a habit, a good habit, and I am learning how to relax and let Him guide me. I don't struggle anymore. I just do what He says and then reap the reward of obedience. Sometimes that reward is a real thing; but other times it is simply the sense of doing the right thing when the One who asks, has asked me to do it.

I do love the Lord, and I love the way He guides me. He is incredibly patient with me, waiting for me to be "ready" for whatever He has in store for me. He teaches me and trains me up, then asks me to test my new faith. I walk, I walk, and then I walk some more. I take baby steps at first, then go a little farther, and then finally take my own walk. He is always there with me, but little by little, He lets me go. It is like a father holding on the back of their child's bicycle while they are learning to ride on two wheels. The dad hangs on for a time, then he finally let's go. The child learns to trust their Dad, knowing that he won't let go until the right time. By the time he does, the child has gained enough confidence to know that they can pedal on their own.

This is exactly how it has been with me and the Lord recently. He has been holding on to me, helping me, guiding me, and gently keeping me steady. I have learned to trust Him through this entire process. Now, I am at the point where I have enough confidence in myself (and in Him) to step out and pedal (or walk) on my own. Not that I am going to stray from Him; no, not in the least. Rather, I am simply able to take direction and do what is being asked of me. If you recall, this is how Jesus trained His disciples on Earth. He walked with them, talked with them, ate with them, etc. Then He sent them out on their own (in twos) to practice what they had learned. They went out, did what the Lord asked, and came back rejoicing. God does this -- He never asks us to do something we are not prepared to do. He waits until we are ready, until we have understood the command, understood the responsibility, and understood what was to be done. In all, we are ready to be obedient to Him.

I used to think obedience was blindly following God's Word. I don't mean it in a negative way, it is just that is how I did it back then. I took the Word literally, and then TRIED to keep it on my own. I mostly failed. Obedience is best practiced, not through keeping the LETTER OF THE LAW, but in keeping faith with the AUTHOR OF THE LAW. Instead of doing the do-diligence of the Word, God has allowed me to learn about the One who created all things. The more I have come to know Him, the more I have wanted to obey Him. And, in obeying Him, I am able to keep the Word of God, the commands of Scripture, because I now understand the One who has written it. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is what I have come to understand about God. The more closely you draw toward Him, the easier it is to keep His Word, the easier it is to please Him, and to do what He asks of you.

Today, I am walking by faith. And, just like the child who has learned how to ride a two-wheel bike, my Heavenly Father stands by to watch me. He will be there when I tumble. He will pick me up, dust me off, kiss my bruised knee, and set me back on the bike. He will hold onto me once again, steadying me, saying to me "you can do it, just keep on pedaling," and I will do it. I will soar off again, knowing that He is there, right there, always with me. I will go where He directs, do whatever work He has for me to do, and trust that He is who He says He is.

God is so Good to me. His Love and Mercy endure forever.

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