June 27, 2010

Beautful Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday morning! It is lovely today, though still very hot. Our weekly highs have been upwards of 110 each day. I really do not tolerate the heat that well, and even with very low humidity, when it gets above 110, it is really hard to take it day after day.

Today is the second day of National Field Day for Amateur Radio Operators. My dad and my son are both HAM Radio guys. Normally, their radio club heads up to Flagstaff for a gathering and spends Saturday-Sunday working their emergency radios. One of their club members has property up north, and invites the club and wives and children to come up and camp out. They setup 4 stations along with antennas and then start making contacts. The point of the Field Day event is to see how many contacts you can make in a 24-hour period. Last year, they had 20 operators and four stations and made over 600 contacts.

This year, my dad created a mini Field day at his house. It is too difficult for him to walk the property up north, so he got a couple friends to come to the house to help setup extra antennas (much to Mom's chagrin). They have two stations and as of last night had made 60 contacts. My son spent the night and was going to be working the radios over night -- we will see if he actually did that. He likes to work them after midnight because the bands are clear and he can contact people farther away than during the day. My dad reached people in Canada and then Hawaii.

It is a fun hobby for my son, and it is nice that he likes to do this with my dad. Dad has been a HAM Radio operator since college (now 50 some years). He teaches radio courses to folks who want to take the license exam as well as is treasurer for the club (my son is secretary).

I spent most of yesterday over at Field Day too, and then Mom and I took a break and went out shopping. I needed cat food so I had to go to PetsMart for the kind my boys like. Then we hit Ross, and came away loaded -- I got a cute summer skirt, and Mom found outdoor cushions (which we have looked everywhere, and found nothing she liked or would fit her chairs). It was a real sweep. We then returned for steak dinner (a pool dip first), and later a movie (the BIG boys took a break). We watched "The Blind Side," a movie I had not seen before, but liked a lot.

I got home about 11:00, tired and ready for bed. My feline boys were kind and let me sleep in (to 7:15). I am now blogging and will soon get into the shower and ready for church. No real plans for today, other than cello practice, and perhaps some laundry.

Life is Good, and God is so Good to me. He has provided for every need, and enabled me to see the positive side of my life, even admist some pretty unpleasant truth. He has given me a new mindset, one that sees His plans and future, and one that can accept what is and what has been without constant redress. I am at peace with the events of my life, past and present, and I am now looking forward to such a great future. God has promised me Good, and His Hand is bringing that Good to pass each day. I woke up today, thanking Him for my life, for every aspect of it, and praising Him for His Goodness towards me. There is nothing I lack, nothing I need, and nothing I desire outside of Him and His Plans for my life. I am totally 100% convinced of His Goodness, and I know that He is Faithful and True. He will do all that He has promised to do for me, and because of His Nature, I can rest easy and relax knowing that He is in control of my days and weeks and months and years. God is indeed So VERY GOOD TO ME!

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