June 29, 2010

The Day is Coming

I had another poor night's sleep again. Drats! My big boys decided to really pounce and chase each other this morning (about 5 a.m.) Between pounces and then crashes out in the living room, I surmised that the chase had become quite heated and it had turned to "no holds barred." My boys have been so good lately, rarely even breaking a sweat when they do chase (and usually afternoon, before nap or early evening, before bed). I haven't had this type of event in about three-four months.

My new baby needs protecting whenever the boys get this active, so I found him cowering on the bed, right next to me, and I scooped him up before Winston did a major pounce right near him. I think he appreciated it, because he was all "purrs" and I tucked him in with me under the covers. Gus headed out the door and down the hallway, and all I heard next was the clang of the metal food bowls (guessing they went "splat" against the opposite wall).

I finally dragged myself out of bed (at 7:00) and pulled what I could together for my own breakfast. I made my coffee, and headed out to the office to sit a while. Winston and Ike (my baby) decided that they needed to wrestle on my desk, so between pens flying and baby falling off the desk (doing a header somersault), I pretty much didn't get anything done. I did manage to catch him before he landed on the floor (caught mid-fall, oh am I good with the reflexes). Winston then proceeded to pound my picture above the desk (he sees his reflection in there and attacks it). Finally, I called it quits, and sent the boys packing out of the office.

I showered and just got back into the office after some lunch. My real boy dragged himself out of bed sometime while I was in the shower. He is almost 17 and is enjoying his vacation. He has been sick, so I am cutting him some slack on sleeping. Today is the first day he hasn't coughed excessively, and I think he is turning the corner to better health. It didn't really help staying up all night on Saturday (field day for Ham Radio operators), and that put him back a day or so on the healing. He came home from camp with some upper respiratory crud (the entire camp seems to have gotten it), and it has been nine days so far. I think the worst is passed by, and now he just has that lingering cough with occassionally sniffles (or stuffy head -- it seems to alternate).

So there you have my morning. It is supposed to be another 110 today, and I am longing for more moderate temperatures. My Aunt lives in Indiana and said the storms have been vicious there. Oh, I would take vicious storms today. We live in sun all year round, and while folks who live with changeable climates think that is the "cats meow," for us, it is boring and routine. I miss clouds, I miss the rain, and I even miss the storms.

News Update

Well, I have heard back on one job. I got a nice reply from HR telling me that the position was filled. Out of 13-14 jobs that I have applied for, only one company even bothered to tell me the position was filled. I wasn't too disappointed in that news, and really was kind of glad to know it is not available. I think the hardest thing is waiting to hear, and then often, never hearing anything at all. You don't know if you should give up and go elsewhere or if the company is just slow to respond. You could walk away from a job you ASSUME is filled, when in reality the HR people are slow to get their act in gear. In this economy, every job is a potential job so you cannot just walk away. There may not be another job for a long while, and that is why I have been so diligent to not give up on any of the posts I applied to thus far. I believe the Lord has the perfect job for me, and it is just a matter of His timing. He is doing work behind the scenes and I am waiting to hear back. It is just a matter of His timing -- did I say that already? I will wait until He tells me otherwise.

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