June 17, 2010

I Am Going to College!

I did it! I got accepted to Mercy College's English Literature Master's program. I am so excited, and I can barely contain my enthusiasm. I have waited and waited and waited to hear back from them, and it seemed like nothing was happening at all. Finally, today, I got confirmation. I am just so jazzed -- I cannot believe that this is really happening to me.

On Another Note

My baby kitten had to go back to the Vet today. His eye just doesn't look good. The story now is that he may have the Herpes virus -- yuck! This could be a long term illness, with bouts of eye infections throughout his life. It is OK, it is not life threatening, but it is costly (eye drops and ointments, etc.) This is something he probably got from Mama Kitty -- and was to be expected. I believe that the Lord brought this little one to me specifically for me to love and care for, and that is what I intend to do.

For the next ten days I am doing drops and antibiotics -- hopefully this will work!

On The Job Front

The Lord has promised good to me -- and I know it is coming. I know He has plans for a great job for me. I can feel it, I can sense it, and I believe it is so. He is SO VERY GOOD TO ME, and He has made sure all my needs have been met. Even now, with vet bills looming, I was able to go and get my kitten cared for -- I didn't think about the cost but in passing (how much, Lord?) Normally, I would be paralyzed with fear and then put off the Dr.s just to prevent having to even consider the money. I went to the office, did the visit, and then paid for it -- just like everyone else. I am so blessed, and He has graciously provided for these items. God is so very good to me.

He promised me that I would indeed go to graduate school. In my prayers I have asked over and over again -- is this for sure? Do you really want me to go? I can tell you that I have never wavered on feeling that I was to go back to school and that somehow He would provide a way for me to do it. I feel the exact same way about a job. I have had doubts about THE JOB, whether this or that one was the ONE; but, I have believed consistently that there would be A JOB for me. I am now all the more convinced that there is indeed a job, and it is a very good one. It will be very soon, I know it. He knows exactly what the timing of it is, and when I must have it, and how much and all the wherefores. He knows my needs best, and He is doing what needs done.

I am praising Him now because He is Sovereign. He is Sovereign and He knows exactly what type of job, where it will be, how much it will pay, and when it will come. I know it, I believe in Him, and I know that when He says it will be, it means "IT WILL BE."

God is so very good to me. His mercy endures forever, and I am praising Him today for His Goodness!

Update: June 27, 2010

I received my financial aid package on Friday, and have already returned it to Mercy College. Getting aid was a big deal for me, and I am so blessed that I qualify as a displaced worker (unemployed). This enabled me to get no-cost loans from the federal government, which I will need to repay in monthly installments ONCE I graduate. I don't mind doing this, and since this is the first time I have taken aid (I didn't qualify before because my parents made too much money), it means I can take the loans and not feel too worried about being able to repay them. I plan on getting a good job now, but will hopefully be employed by the time I graduate. Upon graduation, I should either get a pay raise (for my new degree) or could take a job that requires a Master of Arts degree. Either way, I know that God has provided for me to go to school, and for now, I am excited that my tuition has been paid. I may have a few small expenses, but for the big items (fees, tuition and books), I am well-covered. God is so very good to me!

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Rejoicing with you.