June 24, 2010

Refining the Plans for 2010

I looked back over a post I wrote early in January. I titled it "Plans for 2010." As I read through my list of goals, I was struck by the reality that except for one of them, all of these have already come to pass. The only other goal or plan was to do dual enrollment for my son at the community college. We have hit a snag in the road on that item, and now I doubt we can get the necessary information together to be able to do that in time for fall classes.

Still the list seemed quite daunting in the beginning when I first wrote it out. Now six months down the road, I am well on my way to accomplishing every goal I wrote down. WOW! Never before has that ever happened to me, and never before have I actually even tackled one goal, let alone six-seven. I am so amazed at everything the Lord has done for me, and is doing for me. I know that His Plan is coming to pass, and while I didn't hit every goal precisely, I have done better than 90% on achieving them. I am doubly-blessed -- first to have the goal achieved; and second, to be able to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of participating that achievement. I give all the Glory to God on this one -- without His Grace and Mercy -- I would be staring at that list and saying (as usual), "Oh, those were awful high hopes. Perhaps next year I will do better?"

As I mark month six, I thought it would be good to refine my goals a bit. In doing so, I will adjust them slightly, perhaps enlarge a few, and see where we go for the next half of the year.

These are my New Years Resolutions (or my plans for 2010): Edited Version

  • Always, always to put the Lord first in all things. He is my NUMBER ONE so everything begins and ends with Him. ALWAYS THE SAME
  • Consistent daily Bible reading (for me, my 365-Day Bible works) ALWAYS THE SAME
  • Joining a Life Care group at my church ALWAYS THE SAME
  • Volunteering again with AWANA (10 plus years) NEW MINISTRY FOCUS
  • Taking cello lessons and joining my son's Chamber group SAME; Achieving Level 5 (January 2011)
  • Getting my Masters degree in English Literature from Mercy College and then tackling a Ph.D in Communication from Regent University MASTERS OK; PHD EDUCATION/STRATEGIC FORESIGHT
  • Working full-time at the Community College (in any position), with hope of teaching English when I graduate with my MA TEACHING COLLEGE SAME; JOB WHERE EVER -- DUE TO ECONOMY, ANY JOB IS BETTER THAN NO JOB; Get Hired (July 15, 2010)
  • Getting my own car DONE; GET A SECOND CAR FOR MY SON
  • Being financially independent and responsible for my own welfare and good health IN PROGRESS - TO BE COMPLETED WITH JOB; Plans in order (retirement, savings, checking, keeping my debt ratio low, credit cards managed, etc. -- December 2010)
  • Buying my own home (July 2011)
  • Mastering French; Pimsleur Level 3 (May 2011)

I decided to add some dates to these goals, as a way to remind me of their importance. Some dates are critically necessary, like the job hiring date. Other's are simply milestones, stones that give me a new vantage point and a place to move on to the next level or goal. Those dates are important, but not critically necessary. My new found confidence in achieving my goals has prompted me to consider some that are a wee bit higher, a little farther in reach, and that will require the Lord's faciliation. I am excited to contemplate the next six months to one-year. I simply cannot even imagine all that the Lord has in mind for me. He is so very good to me.

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