June 25, 2010

Refining the Plans

On March 11th of this year, I wrote a post titled, "Purpose and Plans." In that post, I laid out what I believed the Lord was asking me to do, as far as work and His plan to accomplish His will in my life. Since that time, I have tried to get out of these plans, I have tried to create my own version of these plans. It wasn't that I didn't like these plans; no, not at all. Rather, it was that after one-two or three months, I was getting tired of waiting for the plans to come to pass. Truthfully, it was my impatience with the plans and their delivery that prompted me to switch gears, and take a short cut.

Funny, how that happens. I am not a hot shot, and I don't normally take short cuts. Something inside me is very tried-and-true; and, it just isn't like me to jump ship and to start swimming for shore. I am far too practical for that behavior; yet, in this one thing, I have acted like the old fashioned cowboy (er, girl) who yells, "Cut em' off at the pass!," while taking the shortcut through the forest and around the river bend. WOW! I never thought I was so adventerous as to actually leave the path and go round the mountain to try and jump-start the Lord's plans. Yet, this is exactly how I have behaved over the course of months (and not once, but twice).

As I read back over my words, and my profession of committment to the Lord's plan for me, this one thing strikes me: how certain I was back then of these specific plans. As I think on them, I have to admit that I am still certain of them, that nothing really has changed except for my attempt to try and make them come to pass NOW and not in His time. Although I changed the physical location of the plans, meaning I decided it was best to stay in Phoenix and not relocate out of state, the actual PLAN was the same. I just said, "Let's do the Plan here, Lord." It was a perfect Jonah-like example: "Lord, do I really have to go to Ninevah?" "Yes, Jonah, you have to go where I am sending you." Argh! Big fish, and stinky tale (no pun intended) and you know the ending.

I too found myself swallowed by a big fish. Though not literally swallowed, I was stuck in a deep and dark place, left to stew a while so I could "think" things through and decide IF I was doing the right thing. In the end, I accepted the fact that I had gotten myself swallowed up, and asked the Lord to let me out. He did, Gracious as He always IS, and here I am blogging about it today.

God is good like that, and He never leaves us in that rotten stinky place too long -- just long enough until we say "Uncle!" He wants us to see how our own devices work, and to understand that if we follow our own devices, most often we find ourselves not where we want to be -- but, rather we find ourselves in the very last place we want to be. That is how it works with me, and I dare say, how it works with you as well. We are all the same, treated impartially by the very Father who loves us dearly. He knows what is best for us, and He wants so much to provide and care for us.

We just like that stinky place -- and the more we visit -- the less we mind the stink!

Dear Lord,

I don't want to stink like a fish, and I have been to that fishy place one time too many. May I remember this lesson well, and stay the course, stick to your Plan, and wait for you to bring it to pass. May your Name be praised forevermore -- You are SO VERY GOOD TO ME.

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