June 8, 2010

Swimming and Other Stuff

The days are getting hotter here in Phoenix. This afternoon, our house was stuffy and I simply couldn't focus anymore. I took my son and went over to my folks for a cool dip in their pool. The water is still a bit chilly (86 degrees -- but with the air temp, it is very chilly!) for me. It was a nice refreshing way to keep cool on a very hot afternoon (I think we hit 105-106 today).

I am so looking forward to moving some place cooler. I know there will be a trade off -- bad winters and such -- but really I do miss the change of seasons and the cooler, more mild summers. I love summer, I just do not like the hot-oven of Phoenix and the desert SW.

News Flash

I am still waiting for final confirmation on Graduate study, but am hopeful that this will be THE WEEK! PTL! It is not that it matters too much, because I have to have the money to pay for classes, and I cannot register until I can pay for them. Which comes first -- the chicken or the egg? Which comes first -- the graduate school or the tuition fees? LOL!

I am also more hopeful today about that THE JOB I applied for back in April. I just feel so certain that this is the job the Lord has for me. I am trusting in Him, and know that no matter what, no matter what, He will provide a good job for me.

Lastly, I am glad to be home right now. I have been out and about this day, and am a wee bit tired. My feet need a good rest, and I am ready for a little nap. I think a good cup of java is in order. Maybe I should go and make a cup, sit in my comfy chair and RELAX a while!

God is so GOOD to me and His Mercy endures forever. I will praise Him from the roof tops, I will sing His praises all my days, and I will live to glorify His Name. He is great and greatly is He to be Praised!

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