June 8, 2010

Thinking About Next Year

Good Tuesday Morning! I actually had a pretty good night, and even though I suffered through the early AM "racetrack" (aka, the baby kitten racing back and forth over me) at 5:00. I did manage to get some restful sleep. He is sweet now, coming to me to be picked up, purring and being all cuddly (after 7:30 and a full tummy). Oh, how I wish we could have that at 5 in the morning! LOL!

My other cat, Gus, has been unwell of late. He had some sniffles last week, and then went off his food for four days. I scrambled around trying to find some other smelly food that would perk him up. He is depressed too -- I think he is mourning Zachary's passing. He and Zachary spent a lot of time together -- they were very close buddies. Today, though he ate well (Hill's Science Diet Chicken) and seems to be less disagreeable. He is growly -- when you pick him up -- and generally wants to be left alone. If this continues much longer, I will have to take him to the vet. He is "normal" in all other ways (pooping/peeing -- you know).

I am also feeling much better about my cello. Last week was awful -- I had to deal with my MIL's hospitalization and now that our summer has arrived, our air conditioner is running full blast. I didn't get in enough time to practice (which is expected), but what was worse -- due to the low humidity and the cooled air -- my cello went all wonky on me. So when I did practice, it sounded awful. I was depressed over events, worried about my MIL's illness and the long term care for my FIL, and then my normal "destressor" wouldn't destress (meaning my cello practice). ARGH!

After a careful retuning (I am so glad my son has such a great ear), I was able to practice some (good practice). I am noticing two things -- my D string is near the end of it's life (just sounds off), and it is pinching me when I press it. I think I need new strings. Perhaps a new cello instead?? Oh, yeah -- just get a new cello and forget about changing strings! Sounds like a really good plan.

Other things in the works include getting my son ready for college. We have made the decision to graduate him early. There was no real point in making him do more high school work, so we are planning on college classes in the fall. He is ready academically, and really is bored with high school (even though we do a college-level curriculum). He wants to go to school, any school, so college it is.

I am also still praying over our move, whether we will go, and when. I am becoming more convinced that the Lord is moving us to IL. It is difficult to point conclusively that this is happening, but the circumstantial evidence seems to be mounting up. First of all, I have applied to about 10 jobs in the Phoenix area. None of them have come through for me. I have applied for 3 jobs out of state. None of these have come to pass either; but 1 is still open. This one job is the job the Lord has said I will do -- consistently, I mean. Perhaps this is His way of showing me that there will be no other jobs for me. Or perhaps I am just wacky and so off-the-mark that I am fishing for anything that will help explain the delay and slowness of His provision (though is He slow? No, may it never be!)

News for the Day

I started this blog post at about 7:30 this am. I had Ike on my lap at that time, and he wasn't being very helpful as far as letting me type. He pretty much wanted me to hold him while he slept. I tried to type one-handed, but hunting and pecking is not my thing. I type about 90 WPM now -- and am used to typing as I think.

After getting myself dressed and ready for the day, I sat down to begin my work. My DH called to tell me that he was at the bank and his car had died. His car is an old 1995 Thunderbird. It has been running on a wing and a prayer since we bought it back in 2002. It is dead, pretty much, deceased. I went over and picked him up, and then took him to the Fitness Center so we could pick up his Dad. I then took his dad home (stopping at Subway to get lunch for both Dad and Mom.) His Mom is not well again, and needed some help today. Unfortunately, I have some work that must be done (web stuff), so all I could do was fix lunch. My DH borrowed her car, but has to be back in about a half-hour to take her to the Dr's office.

DS and I are having lunch (him -- Burger King; me -- Jack in the Box). I felt like having onion rings and tacos, so JB was the place to go.

I am not sure what my DH will do about his car. He no longer has Triple A, and I don't think he has car insurance with auto towing. He is pretty much stuck right now. I have prayed for the Lord to provide a solution to his car problem, and know that He does have everything in control.

As I was driving home, I was thanking the Lord for all the gifts He has provided to me. I was thinking about my little car, and how it has served me so well. My life, prior to car, was tough. I was at the mercy of my DH's wishes when it came to cars, repairs, etc. Over the course of years, we have had two cars, but within the past ten or so, we have lived on just one car. I have done without for a long time. Crises such as these always threw us for a loop. We often didn't have the money for repairs and would go weeks without having any car. We live where there is no public transportation, so going without a car was really difficult.

Since purchasing my car in January, I have had the freedom and security to know I could go wherever the Lord needed me to go. I have loved being able to drive my little car and am thanking the Lord that it is a good, solid car. I have good insurance, and Triple A road coverage. I am completely covered, should anything occur. God is so very good to me.

As far as my MIL goes, I am not really sure what will be. My SIL is coming into town this weekend, and hopefully some decision will be made to long-term care. My FIL requires full-time care, and my MIL is not well enough to care for him. I cannot do this -- though I have in the past. My SIL cannot either (she works full-time). My DH cannot due to his unpredictable schedule and work. I really think my inlaws need to consider assisted living. They need more care than we can provide, and with this week as any indicator, access to emergency medical care. I have taken my MIL to the emergency room twice. She thought about going again today. I told her to call 911 this next time, because she will get priority treatment. It takes me 15 minutes to get to her house and then another 10 to get to the hospital. She cannot wait that long, and needs the medics right away. They are at her house in less than 5 minutes. I know she doesn't want to bother them, but a possible heart attack is not a bother to them.

So where does that leave me. Last week, I was all befuddled, thinking that moving out of state was a bad idea given the nature of my inlaws care situation. This week, I clearly see that this issue will not be resolved immediately. She needs more care than we can give, and she needs to consider this option. Her other option is to move in with my SIL, who has offered and has the space. This has been the least favorite choice, and might still be their only option, considering the financial obligation of assisted living.

We will need to see what the Lord chooses to do in their case, but as far as I am concerned, I see no reason to change anything the Lord has specifically told me to do. He knows the needs of my inlaws, and He knows what is best for them. I am willing to do whatever He needs me to do, and for now, that is to stay focused on what He has told me.

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