June 16, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

Well, I did it. I applied for two more jobs, one with the dreaded Community College (I said I had enough of their waiting around and then filling all the jobs internally), and one with our local state univeristy. Both are similar positions, and both would be interesting jobs to have.

The first one is at our local district office and would pay very well. It is an administrative post that specifically deals with student success and retention at the local CC. I have the credentials for the job, and a ton of practical experience. The job post said that prior work experience would satisfy the requirement for a counseling degree. The second position is with our state university, and is similar. The post is with one of the colleges -- the college of art and design. This job is more to my liking simply because I am an artist and did pursue becoming a professional artist at one point in time. The requirements are similar and the job duties are almost exactly the same. I have the qualifications too. The issue is the money, which is somewhat less than the CC pays. Also, our local University is having financial problems so I am not sure whether NOW is a good time to work in higher education.

I am feeling pretty confident about the second job, the one at our local state school. It is farther away for me to drive (30 minutes versus 20), but I think I like the idea of working with one particular college rather than at the district office. I am anxious to hear back and am hoping that the state school is better at getting back to you right away than the CC.

On a secondary note, I still have not heard on my application to Mercy College. I have contacted the Program Director three times (in response to his email to me), and then finally contacted student services to ask for help. Normally, I would just wait, but the jobs I am applying for all desire a MA and I want to be able to say that I am truly enrolled and pursuing one. It is just another step towards getting a good job -- so I am a bit undone that Mercy is taking so long with my acceptance. I have heard today that I should have final confirmation by Monday. Oh, please let it be so!

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