June 4, 2010


I woke up again at 4:20 something -- thanks to my baby kitten. He has been pretty good about going to bed when I do, and some mornings he will be quiet until 5 or 5:30. Then other mornings, it is 4 o'clock instead! He usually begins with some biting, and then some jumping (hopping, really) and then the racing back and forth over my feet and body. I am almost always awake by this point, so I drag myself out of bed and out to the kitchen.

The house is dark and quiet; I like it that way. I don't always put my glasses on, so my vision is just one big blur. I can usually make out what I need to do, and was able to get the can out of the frig, and the bowls off the dryer, and dish up some breakfast. By this time, the big boys have slowly come out as well and they are waiting to see what breakfast I will put down for them.

I retreat back into the bedroom, only to find that as soon as my eyes shut, I have a fur ball on my face again. This time with half-purrs and just a few pounces. I guess it is his way of saying "thanks, Mom!," though I would prefer just a nice quiet meow and then more sleep. LOL!

At 5, I finally got up. The quiet lasted for just a short while and one of my big boys is having some allergies, so I needed to get the rambunctous baby off the bed. My Gussy wants quiet when he feels this way, and it was just best to get the little guy out into the living room.

So here I am, blogging and having my coffee at 5:45 a.m. It is not my usual morning routine, but I guess for the next weeks (6 to 8), this is what will be "normal" for me.

My MIL is still in the hospital, and we expect her to come home today. So far the tests have all come back normal, but they do think they know what is wrong. We are praying that with some medication or a minor procedure, she will be feeling better very soon. My DH has been staying with his Dad at night. Last night, Dad told me (under penalty of secrecy -- which just means "don't tell Mom") that he had fallen yesterday while left alone. Dad can be left alone sometimes, and other times, needs constant care. He fell yesterday, and PTL managed to get himself back up again. A pretty hefty feat considering he is partially paralyzed on his left side.

I told my husband that his Dad had fallen. This is a really big issue because it means that Mom has to be able to come home and resume her care of him. If she cannot do this, then they will have to look for some assisted living. Mom has cared for Dad for almost 17 years, and now that they are getting older, she can no longer do it as well (well, without it affecting her life and health). They are devoted to one another, and her being in the hospital causes great concern for Dad. My prayer is that everything will be OK, and that Mom will come home today or tomorrow, feeling much better and able to rest at home.

A Cat Moment -- Interlude

Winston, my big white cat, came out into the office for some love. He and I spend a lot of time together in the office. He likes to lay on my desk, or sleep right to the side of my computer. I gave him his time, which he loved; and then made way for Ike. It is hard not to respond to baby cries. He wanted some attention too. So now I am trying to blog, and have two cats vying for my attention. Funny!

Back to this blog

I re-read an older post this am (from back in 2007) where I wrote about seeking and getting wisdom. The point of that post was that often we seek God when we need His advice. The problem (at least, my problem) is that some times I seek His advice, but I don't take it, kwim? I blogged about this back then -- asking for help, then saying, "Oh, thanks! I think I will do something else." We do this often, and I know that it is a very annoying habit. I have tried very hard to break this one, and think I have done much better on inquiring and then heeding the Lord's advice. Apparently, though, the Lord thought I needed a reminder.

I am not sure why I do this, but I think it is another learned habit of mine, a habit that needs breaking badly. I am confessing this habit before the Lord now, and asking Him to help me stop doing this to Him. The Lord's wisdom is perfect. It lacks no part. It is perfectly suited to provide help and assistance in every circumstance and every need.

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for seeking your advice and then not taking it. Your advice is always the best, and I want to heed what you have to say. Help me today to listen to your Spirit, and then do exactly what He requires of me. Thank you, in Jesus' Name!

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