July 21, 2010


My son and I love "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel. We try and watch the new episodes whenever they air, but occassionally will stick with the old reruns, just for the fun of it. I guess we both are "into" blowing things up, and that is one of the reasons we enjoy this show so much. My son has a fascination with it, moreso than I do, and as a child, I had to totally control his comments in public. I mean, what if at school he blurted out, "someday I am going to blow up X." Yeah, not a good thing. He has asked me for C4 for Christmas -- I said no. He recently asked for duct tape (he got a roll for Christmas), and has since created some duct tape items (a wallet for one). The other day, he made a duct tape swing, and tested it out to see if it really would hold his weight. Mythbusters already proved the strength of duct tape, so this was a natural extension of their idea. He took some video (I have to find out if he uploaded it) of him testing it out -- it actually worked. He is crazy like that, and I love him for his unusual style (so I am his Mom, what'dya expect?)

Tonight we watched "Mythbusters" blow up a piano (two actually), and both of us nearly cried. I mean, a piano -- really? We would love to have a piano in our home, a real piano. We have a digital grand piano, and my son uses it every day for his lessons and general music practice/experimentation. He has begged us for a grand piano (a Steinway), but we cannot afford to purchase one. I hope to get him a real piano soon (Lord, willing.)

That's really the news from the front today. I am tired right now, having spent the late afternoon in the pool at my folks. Being out in the heat and sun wears you out, so I think I am going to turn in now.

Perhaps I will hear back on another job interview tomorrow. That would be super sweet.

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