July 16, 2010

Casting My Net

I wrote a blog post yesterday about casting my net into the ocean of "job hunting" with the intent to catch some fish (jobs). Today, I am still on the hunt for a job, but am casting my net on the other side of the boat (so to speak). The Lord impressed on me this morning that I need to be faithful to the job hunt, but not be afraid to move my net to another location. This could mean moving again or it simply could mean just trying for different type of work (part-time, seasonal, non-profit, etc.) I have tried to get regular full-time work through big named businesses in my area. I have also tried to get work through schools, colleges and universities (known for hiring volumes of people). Nothing has panned out in this part of the "ocean" so I need to move my net to a different location and cast it out there. I don't know what it will bring, but just like in real fishing, often you cast your line out and then wait for the fish to nibble. You don't get upset at the fish for not biting -- you just say to yourself "well, I guess they weren't interested or they weren't very hungry today." I never got mad at fishing all day and coming home without any fish! I simply took it as a day's outing, an adventure, and a time to sit and think. I wish I could have this exact same mindset when it comes to job hunting, LOL! Oh well!

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