July 25, 2010

Getting Connected

Today our Pastor shared three points on how to live an authentic Christian life (well, that is what I call it). They are:
  • Tell the Truth
  • Get Connected
  • Serve Others

I totally agree! I am all into the truth, and made my peace with it awhile ago. When you are faced with difficult truth, and you take it head on, you tend to find the process refreshing. Now, don't get me wrong -- the process is difficult and often fraught with great sorrow. The overarching process, the acceptance of the truth, and then the liberation that comes from that act, is what brings in freedom and ultimate liberation. Once you start down the 'truth road,' as I call it, you find that it is just easier to stay on it. I mean, why get off, once you find such peace and happiness from telling the truth.

The second point, getting connected, has been a particularly sticky issue for me. I have always been "involved," but this connected bit is all about relationships and not just busy activity. I have decided to get myself connected this coming Fall. I won't have much time, given my school and work schedule (hopeful schedule), so I think I am going to try to go to our Church's "Theology 101" class. This is a weekly adult Bible Study, one that tends to explore the deeper meaning of Scripture, and it suits my style and level of enjoyment. It is a start for me -- I haven't done a class like Bible study in a long time. I like the idea, and hopefully it will fit into my schedule this Fall.

As far as serving others, I am pretty good here as I tend to do whatever is asked of me or jump in whenever I see a need (or the Lord shows me one). I will continue to be involved in local ministry, probably though doing more like stocking the food pantry or giving to Palomino School or the Women's shelter or Crisis Pregnancy Center. I have always done Children's ministry, but I don't have time for that now. I will just give of my time as I can for the next while -- or until I finish Graduate school.

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