July 21, 2010

Getting Hooked, er Networked!

As I have blogged endlessly, I am in the hunt for a new job. I have spent the past ten years working from home as a web developer (I used to say Web Designer -- but this is the buzz word nowadays). I am looking for full-time work, from home or a real office, so that I can support myself and my son on my own. In doing so, I have applied at over 30 places -- all online -- and with very little success so far. I have one interview scheduled next week, at Macy's, but it is only for part-time work. I am in need of benefits and 40-hours per week, so the hunt continues.

Everyone tells me that I have to "network." I hate that term, it is a personal thing for me, but they are correct. Networking is the only way I am going to get a good job. In my efforts to network, I am now regularly seen on Face Book, Twitter, and Yelp. I am also LinkedIN so that prospective businesses can see my profile and resume.

Here's to social networking!

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