July 16, 2010

Praise Him

Quickly writing a short post -- as I am about to bound out the door for the evening. My son is playing "DJ" at church tonight (for a family dance party -- ssssh -- don't say anything about it!) It is for children 12-under and their parents. It should be a fun family nite with some worship music and message and lots of little ones bouncing about on the sanctuary floor. My son likes to do these types of things, and our Pastor always calls on him (he knows he will say yes, and be available -- good thing our son doesn't have a girlfriend yet! PTL!)

I was just listening to 4Him's version of "All Creatures Great and Small" and thinking to myself how silly I am to get downcast when things don't go my way. I write all the time about how I want to Praise God continually, yet when the chips are down, my eyes go downward and my heart follows suit. My God is bigger than any situation I face, and He is more than able to handle anything that concerns me today. Yet, why do I not fall down and worship Him at the moment when I need to do so most? Good question! I am thinking it is pride and when our pride gets pushed out of shape, even the most white-washed Christians (a-hem, fingers pointing right back at me), tend to fall into a puddly mess of whimpers (why me, why me, why me).

This morning, while I was crying out to the Lord about not wanting to endure my situation any longer, and telling Him how hard it was to endure it all -- this voice came back into my ears: "Yes, I know what it is like to endure hardship and pain. I went to the cross for you. I know how it feels." Yep, gulp big time, and then confess, I did (speaking in my best Yoda-ese).

My Lord is well acquainted with sorrows -- His word tell us so:

"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not." ~Isaiah 53:3

No way are my sorrows or suffering akin to anything He endured for me. I whine, I complain, and I say "Enough, Lord. Make it stop now." He knows my shortfalls and my inability to endure. He knows how hard it is for me to wait continually and never know what tomorrow will bring. He knows my sadness, and my frustration. He knows it all, and He knows that the work that is being accomplished within my life right now is bringing Him glory.

I humble myself and give Him all the praise. I deserve nothing short of death, and He has given me life instead. He has handed me His Grace and said "It is enough" and I can endure because He is with me (and promises never to leave me -- ever!) I give Him praise now, and I submit and yeild to Him because He really does know what is best for me.

Thank you, Jesus for giving me life, and for taking me by the hand and walking with me, just one step at a time. You are to be praised forevermore. You are SO GOOD TO ME.

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