July 31, 2010

I Survived CBT Training!

I am home from Macy's. I had my computer training today, and I have to tell you that I am bushed. It was such a long day, and the training was tough. The majority of it was watching employee training videos, and then using the actual register for training practice. I had several tests, and passed the POS test, with which was the one I was most concerned. I did it though, and I am so glad to be home.

I also found out that the standard dress code is black. This means I need to go shopping for tops. I have black pants already, so I just need some black tops. I stopped by Walmart to get some bread, dish soap, and drinks; then hit Subway for sandwiches. I found a cute White Stag top for $5 that will work in a pinch. Tomorrow I will need to go to Sears (for more pants) and then to TJ Maxx for some tops. I can pretty much wear any kind of top, so long as it is business appropriate. I have sandals and shoes, so I am good to go.

The good news is that I found out that there might be some other work available to me once the seasonal hiring begins. This means extra hours or perhaps even a department change. Oh, how sweet. I am all set to begin working in Petites, and actually would like to do some POS work. It would be good to have actual "field experience." I am open to any opportunity the Lord brings to me, and I am praying that His will is done. However He chooses to use Macy's in my life -- well -- I am agreeable to it. Let it be, let it be, let it be.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the opportunity to work at Macy's. I am excited to be working and getting paid for it! Hallelujah! My prayer is for you to be Glorified through all work opportunities -- so how you choose to use me in the position is totally for your Name and Praise. Thank you, Jesus!


Carol Hepburn said...

I read through this post today, July 10, 2011 and I am amazed at what God has done in and through my life since I started working at Macy's. God truly has used this position for me to mentor and minister to the younger girls in the department and to bring encouragement to the older ones. For all the hard work and hard effort, God has received Glory through my willingness to work retail for this past year. I am blessed and I am honored to have been used to fulfill His Work in this way. May God be praised today and forever more! Amen!!

victoria said...