July 13, 2010

More Job Prospects Part Two

Today has been good. I went out to the library this morning, and then picked up cat food for my babies. It is terribly hot today, and oh-so very humid (yuck!) I am not content in that aspect -- sticky icky right now in Phoenix, sigh! I am content though with what the Lord seems to be doing for me regarding job prospects. I applied for a couple more positions this morning, and then this afternoon, tried my hand at Target and Walmart (and Sam's Club). I filled out the management profile and submitted my resume. I am now content to seek any position that will provide good income, full benefits, and a secure future for me. I am not being as particular to keep within one field. I still would like to work in higher education, but nothing has really panned out on that front. I am now thinking "Hey, any job that will pay my bills and provide decent work for me -- well, that is a very good thing." I see this as a new mindshift, and I credit God for it. He is the one who has spent the time helping me overcome some of my unwanted attitude about types of work or certain work places. Being unemployed for so long, I see any job as being a gift from His hand. My hope now is that I will get some work soon -- any work where I can be honorable, walk with integrity, and live a responsible life. That is my prayer, and I believe that is exactly what God expects from me.

Stay tuned...I think some good change is just around the next corner!

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